Sam Barnes
(Adam Baldwin)

Sam is a kindhearted drifter who is passing through town when he decides to sign on to help a young widow and her son with their horse ranch. As they work together, Sam begins to tell Susan and her son Tommy fanciful stories of adventure from the American West.











"Shooter" Green
(Jeremy Sumpter)

An expert marksman, Shooter hustles money from crowds in every small western town he passes through, but when he falls in love with a local girl, Josie, he falls hard. In order to give her the life they want together, Shooter signs on to the dangerous job of protecting gold shipments going out on the stagecoach each week.











Susan Tilwicky
(Jill Wagner)

Susan is strong-willed and a good mother to Tommy. Recently widowed, mounting bills and tremendous financial pressure has forced her to take on boarders. The first person to show up is Sam Barnes, a kind drifter who offers to help her with her ranch. She is cautious at first, but knows she needs the help or she will lose everything.











Tommy Tilwicky
(Jet Jurgensmeyer)

Despite his young age, Tommy is perceptive, and he can see the pressure his mother is feeling, especially regarding the family’s finances. But at the end of the day, he is still just a kid, dreaming of adventure. When Sam shows up to rent a room, he is riveted by Sam’s stories of the Wild West.











Josie Hayes
(Alexandra DeBerry)

Josie is the most beautiful woman in town, but is also an expert marksman with a gun and can hold her own in a crowd of men. But for all her confidence, she finds herself flustered by Shooter Green. Her father frowns upon her romance with Shooter, forcing them to keep it secret.











John "Doc" Small
(Randy Wayne)

Brash and cunning, he is always looking out for number one, and he will do whatever is necessary to get what he wants.











(William Shockley)

Consumed by the past, the Sheriff is on a mission to find the secrets and treasure hidden in 5 Mile Cave.











Virgil Earp
(Tom Proctor)

From a famous family of lawmen, Virgil has been commissioned to protect gold shipments going in and out of the Territory.











Sheriff Bean
(Danny Vinson)

He is the local Sheriff and was tasked by Virgil Earp with overseeing the process for protecting gold  shipments leaving the Territory.